Bakery Boxes
Bakery boxes bring the yummy treats and weekly staples from Farmer’s Markets right to your doorstep.

Select our Original Bakery Box, Cinnamon Roll Box, or our Gluten Free Apple cake Box Then, Select a delivery date, and we will deliver. (sunday each week) Place Orders 2 days in advance.

Original Bakery Box
1 Ciabatta Loaf
2 Oat Bars
Rotating Seasonal Items such pumpkin cheesecake, or lemon blueberry bread.
2 chocolate chip Cookies

Cinnamon / Caramel PEcan Roll Box

6 Cinnamon Rolls with Frosting
Or 6 caramel pecan rolls

Gluten Free Apple Cake Box

1 Gluten Free Apple Cake (6 slices)

What else would you like to see? Let us know:

Community Supported Baking


NOUN a system that connects the baker and consumer more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to receive a regular supply of baked goods directly from the bakery

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