The Mama D’s journey started with English Toffee.

Every year around Christmas, Mom would make 2 cookie sheets full of English toffee, and piece-by-piece they would quickly disappear, usually way before Christmas Day. It was so delicious, no one could resist! After years of complements and encouragement, we decided to try and sell our English Toffee and a few other confections to friends, fans and a few local businesses in the Wenatchee Valley. We found that the local farm stands were supportive of our culinary adventure, so we kept experimenting and adding new products. Requests kept coming in from our customers and other retail businesses. During our first year, our small candy company evolved from a strictly wholesale business into a small café, and local farmers market bakery stand, while still expanding our product line. Since 2010 our product line has grown from English toffee and peanut brittle, to six different candies, eight different flavors of preserves, pickled asparagus, and a whole line of bakery products, including gluten free and vegan options.

Community Supported Baking


NOUN a system that connects the baker and consumer more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to receive a regular supply of baked goods directly from the bakery